Bachelor of Arts in Arts & Letters

This degree completion program is offered by Sacramento State as a partnership between the College of Continuing Education and the College of Arts & Letters.

Application Instructions

If you have attended another college or university since leaving Sacramento State, sealed official transcripts of all colleges and universities attended, other than Sacramento State MUST be mailed to:

Attn: Arts & Letters program
College of Continuing Education
3000 State University Drive
Sacramento, CA 95819-6103

This is an initial departmental application for admission to the Bachelor of Arts in Arts & Letters. If you decide to enroll in the program, you will be required to complete a California State University application for admission. Admission fees include a $70 CSU application fee and a $50 program application fee. No fees are required at this time.

Please note: * (asterisk) Indicates a required field.

Applicant Information

Personal information included on this form will be kept confidential in order to protect against unauthorized disclosure.





Academic Preparation Add More

Please include the names of all colleges and universities attended, even if no course work was completed. Begin with the most recent institution attended. An unofficial transcript must be submitted for each school attended. Official transcripts are not required for initial advising, but they are required for admission to Sacramento State.

Student Assessment Survey

The College of Continuing Education and the College of Arts & Letters at Sacramento State are committed to ensuring academic excellence through a rigorous program of annual quality assessment of the instruction and curriculum. An essential element of this process is to gather information directly from students. The questions below are intended to facilitate our understanding of you and your expectations for this program so that we can continue to improve it in ways relevant to you and your educational needs. 

Your responses to the following series of questions will be very helpful to our efforts at quality assurance.

We have designed this program to lead to the following outcomes for students.

One a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 is NOT and 5 is VERY, please respond to the following questions:

A) Demonstrate knowledge of human cultures, their values, and forms of expression in ways that prepare them to understand, adapt, and succeed in increasingly diverse and complex contexts

B) Demonstrate analytical reading skills, critical thinking skills, and effective written and oral communication skills in order to facilitate clear understanding and articulation of various subject matters in academic and professional pursuits.

C) Acquire foundations and skills for lifelong learning for purposes of enhancing personal enrichment, intercultural awareness, and active engagement with the challenges and opportunities of the modern world.

D) Demonstrate the ability to synthesize and undertake cross?disciplinary study and learning in order to understand holistically the place and relevance of these fields and their subject matter.

Factors for leaving college:

While we know that a lot of factors contribute to a student’s decision to leave college before they have completed their degree, which of the following was the most significant to your decision to stop?

Factors for returning to college:

While we know that a student’s decision to return to college to complete their degree has many contributing factors, which of the following was the most significant to your decision to return?

Explain what is most appealing to you about the BA in Arts & Letters.

(150 characters left)

Explain what your expectations are for returning to complete the BA in Arts & Letters.

(150 characters left)

Explain in what ways you believe the BA in Arts & Letters will benefit you currently and in the future.

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Additional Information

I certify:

I certify under penalty of perjury that I have provided complete and accurate responses to the items listed on this application. I further certify that all official documents submitted in support of this application are authentic and unaltered records that pertain to me. I have read and agree to comply with the statements listed above.


The College of Continuing Education and the College of Arts & Letters at Sacramento State are committed to providing equal opportunity in education. A critical element of our commitment to diversity lies in our ability to collect and assess student demographic data. Your response to the voluntary student demographic information would be very helpful and much appreciated

Voluntary Student Demographic Information

Privacy Policy:

The College of Continuing Education respects your right to privacy. Any information given to us when requesting course or program material will be used solely for the purpose of answering or responding to your request. We do not sell or otherwise distribute your personal information. We may, however, use it to provide you with advanced notices of our course offerings. If at any time you wish to be removed from our mailing lists, you may contact us and your request will be processed immediately.

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