Intent to Attend - Resident Engineers Academy

November 14-17, 2022

Monday - Thursday, 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Virtual / Zoom

Contact: California LTAP Center -

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This is a practical, interactive academy that provides core training for Resident Engineers. The subject matter experts and instructors use a real-life approach to deliver information utilizing examples, problem-solving activities, and exercises. The Resident Engineers Academy also provides a unique learning environment designed to promote networking. This course is intended for Resident Engineers administering construction projects using federal-aid funds and for Responsible Persons In Charge of federal-aid construction projects. The course was designed assuming students have some construction experience as a Resident Engineer, Assistant Resident Engineer, or, at a minimum, a project field inspector. Students are expected to have some experience (6 months) interpreting plans and specifications and have some knowledge of the Caltrans Standard Specifications, and the Local Assistance Procedures Manual. If you have taken this class in the past 5 years, we request that you do not sign up, as enrollment is limited.

Required Eligibility Criteria
In your current role you need to be…

  • Resident Engineer, Assistant Resident Engineer/Inspector, Person in Responsible Charge/Management/Supervisor
  • At least 6 months construction experience
  • You have not attended REA within the past 5 years

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